Yoga for Female

Power Yoga is often practiced as it helps one to lose weight. It is advisable, however, to check with your doctor before beginning a yoga routine for weight loss. Try out some poses from Power yoga is you are looking to lose weight with yoga. Power yoga has several fast moving poses and these combined with breathing techniques result in weight loss. Beginners should consult a well experienced yoga teacher to find out the best weight loss yoga poses to perform.

Yoga for Belly Fat Reduction:

Most people manage to lose weight all over their bodies but are still plagued with belly fat. Doing yoga for belly fat reduction is a good way of getting rid of this unwanted bulge in the middle. There are several exercises which are specifically for reducing fat from this area. You do not have to do all the poses on the same day. You can switch around and do different poses on different days.

Some well known postures are:

  • Trikonasana: Triangle Pose
  • Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation Pose
  • Halasan - Plough Pose
  • Navasana - Boat Pose
  • Surpasan - Snake Pose Matsyendrasana - Sitting Spinal Twist

Yogic Diet:

A yogic diet is considered an essential part of the practice of yoga. Such a diet will help you to benefit fully from doing yoga regularly. It is important to have a well balanced diet and always eat in moderation. A diet usually brings to mind boring food which is often considered unpalatable. However, it is possible to cook healthy food in a tasty manner as well. Eating a proper and healthy diet is what is essential and required for a yoga diet as well. A yoga diet coupled with yoga postures will result in weight loss. The main principle of a yogic diet is to increase the intake of fruit and vegetables and ultimately shifting to a vegetarian diet.